NYSPHSAA Section V Boys Golf

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Section V and NYSPHSAA Golf Tournaments
Spectator Guidelines

  1. Only appropriate golf attire will be allowed at the tournaments.  Jeans and t-shirts will not be allowed.  This is not a Section V or NYSPHSAA rule but the rule of the clubs where our tournaments are played.  Please respect this rule or you will be asked to purchase items in the pro shop or local retailer, go home and change into appropriate clothing, cover up the inappropriate clothing with appropriate golf attire, or asked to leave the event.

  2. Cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices are NOT ALLOWED on the golf course during play.

  3. The use of motorized golf carts is NOT PERMITTED.

  4. Parents, relatives, and friends are permitted to follow the competitors (in the rough area and away from the tee).  There will be NO COMMUNICATION permitted at any time.

  5. There will be NO COACHING of the competitors by coaches or spectators during the round of play.  Any player communicating with or receiving coaching may be penalized two strokes or disqualified from the tournament.

  6. Keep cheering positive and encourage other spectators to participate in the spirit of good sportsmanship.  There should be no profanity, degrading language, or gestures towards a competitor in offensive nature.

  7. Show appreciation of good play by all competitors, treating them in a manner in which you would expect to be treated.

  8. Learn the rules of the game in order to be a better informed spectator.

  9. Accept the judgment of tournament officials.

  10. During inclement weather, when the horns sounds, spectators should take the following precautions:
                    Move toward parking lots
                    Seek shelter in automobiles, buses, or the clubhouse

                    In all circumstances, avoid the following:
                    Open areas
                    Hilltops and high places
                    Isolated trees
                    Golf carts
                    Wire fences

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